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You are going to share your life and your home with your dog for a long time.  Make an investment that will payoff for both of you for years to come!

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Don't let your dog  end up like Guilty Cooper ... get some dog training now!


Maureen L. Schwarz, CBAC


After loving and living with dogs my entire life, I decided to get formally educated on "all things dog".  I took a two-year certification program that included extensive course work on the Principles of Learning and Behavior Analysis; Behavior Assessment, Intervention and Counseling; Canine Phylogeny and Behavior; Canine Nutrition; Canine Husbandry and Wellness; Principles of Pharmacology; Business Practices, Ethics and Careers with Dogs.  This program went far beyond that of a typical dog trainer.  The program included a residency, an externship and prepared me to be a Canine Behavior Analyst and Counselor (CBAC).

I am also a breeder and have had the privilege of studying dog behavior in the most formative time and place - from birth to 8 weeks and with mother and litter mates.  Not only do I understand puppies and litters, in theory, I have lived it!

Private Sessions


The most important time to understand dog behavior is when a dog is introduced to a new home and family.  Schedule a session to set yourself and your dog up for success.  We offer both individual and group puppy training classes.

Living in a Canine Behavior Lab


I share my home with five dogs, but you wouldn't know it.  Allow me to share my knowledge and experience with you so you can build the kind of relationship with your puppy that will set you up to successfully and happily live with your dog.  

Beyond being a dog trainer, I am a canine behavior analyst and counselor and can help change the behaviors that make the dog you love, a dog that's easier to live with!